22 August 2022

22 August 2022 - Tones and I - Dance Monkey

Sometimes, a song so absolutely ridiculous comes that captures the entire world.  That's not a negative - those songs are usually remembered fondly.

This is not a post about a song like that. 

Take "Dance Monkey", the 2019 single by Austrailian singer Toni Watson, who goes by the stage name Tones and I.  This song hit #1 in over 30 counties, and was a top 5 hit in the US - despite being called "Dance Monkey" and having what one could say were absurd lyrics.  The reality of the lyrics is that the inspiration came from Watson's time as a street dancer - where she would literally have to dance for money.  So, the absurity is actually rooted in reality.

And here I am, talking about it three years later, because it's a darned catchy song.  

I have to be honest - I thought this was going to be a quick little post with a viral video, given the song's short but strong chart showing.  

But no.  Tones and I absolutely performs this live.  And it's kind of spectacular.

It's also a song that predates its fame.  This performance is from four months before the single's release - before the record deal, before the hugeness, before everythung.

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