15 July 2021

15 July 2021 - Amy Grant - Baby, Baby

As many of you know, Amy Grant is a Christian music superstar. Her first seven studio albums, plus the compilation The Collection, which was something of a crossover breakthrough, were quite overtly Christian in themes, with some of her songs taking lyrics right from the Bible.  And they were hits - many of them went gold or platinum, despite primarily being sold in Christian bookstores.  

Her eight studio album, Lead Me On, was the one that really started the wiggle to secular music, but it was still pretty Christian.  

On March 5, 1991, Amy Grant's ninth studio album, Heart In Motion, was released. It was a very strong secular turn - but still did well on Christian charts. This song remains her biggest hit to date -it's a standard, cheerful pop song that will make you smile.  

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