12 March 2021

12 March 2021 - Grimes - You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around

I have been a fan of Canadian electronic artist Grimes for many years now.  She continuously reinvents herself, and yet still sounds fresh and exciting.  

But this video is boring as heck on purpose, and it's because she loves her fans.  

You see, she released this video on April 1, 2020, with a green screen background, alongside the raw audio from the recordings, specifically so fans could remix the song and make their own versions of the video - #GrimesArtKit.  What a terrific pandemic art project!

The song itself is fairly soulful while not forgetting the electronic power Grimes has consistently brought to her music.

Here is the original video, in all its chromakey glory.  I think it's important to note that Grimes was seven months pregnant when she released this.

I wanted to highlight some of my favourite fan versions of this video.  

YouTube user Brent Bonacorso describes this version of the video as "(a) quarantine dream of digital conception and creation, broadcast from the heavens in a gamma-burst of love and code."  I pretty much think that nails it.  Starting with a roar, it builds into the music.

I thought YouTube user Jonathan Hernández made a visually interesting video.   He doubled up on the Grimes and put her in space.  

Rather than use the Grimes video, YouTube user Red Dawn went with footage from a bunch of 1980s movies and a radical electronic remix.  It works, well.  This is the only video on that channel, but I personally hope that changes.  

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