02 December 2020

2 December 2020 - Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over

Who would have thought that a slow jam could be so uplifting?

The song might seem gloomy, and the title ends with the words "It's Over".  However, there's no comma in the title.  It's not a command to stop dreaming, because it's over.  It's a request to not dream THAT it's over - there's a long road ahead.  

Let's not even talk about how this is arguably the greatest song ever composed by a New Zealander - it is most certainly the biggest international hit by someone from that county.  Just soak in Neil Finn's lyrics.  

Now that you heard this, go to Totally Covered for a great version that respects the local New Zealand culture.   


  1. Neil Finn is probably the nicest guy you've ever met, as well. I was at a small gig of his and someone in the crowd yelled "Hey, Neil, buy me a beer!" And Neil went into his wallet and gave the guy $5! It was hysterical. Someone then yelled out "Hey, Neil, buy me a car!"