10 April 2020

10 April 2020 - lovelytheband - broken

Lovelytheband has been around since 2016.  This, their debut single from 2017, remains their only US Top 30 hit (although they get a lot of rock and alternative radio airplay with subsequent singles).  If you're only going to have one hit, though, it should be a gem like this one!

The lyrics themselves aren't terribly wholesome at first - it's a late night pickup - but it gets sweeter as it goes along, as our two characters discover that they're both broken, giving them a connection and something to grow on.  It's a beautiful synth-pop modern love song.

So, what if you took away the synth - does the pop-rock vibe still work for this song? Thankfully, lovelytheband gives us the answer to this question in this live performance. 

It does, if you were wondering my opinion.

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