09 January 2019

9 January 2019 - Phoenix - Lisztomania

French band Phoenix released this song in 2009, as the second single from their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  The title refers to a term used to describe the intense fandom of Franz Liszt during his performances. You didn't come for any of that, but I feel honor-bound to tell you about that.

And they made a video, which you didn't come to see, in which the band visited the Liszt museum in Bayreuth, Germany.

The song itself is a catchy, bouncy, lighthearted song that's fun to dance to.   Which is why it launched a bunch of memes.   Like this delightful one from San Francisco.

Oh, is that not the one you wanted?  OK, how about this one from Brooklyn?

Come on!  That one was fun!

Still not what you came for?

OK, fine.  Here's the Boston University version of it, starring US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  That's what you came to see, right?   Well, here it is!  I feel so used.

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