01 March 2018

1 March 2018 - Lissie - Wild West

Like most of America, I first discovered Lissie during the Twin Peaks revival.  Most episodes of that show ended with a musical guest.  This one stood out from most of the rest. Whereas most of them fit the Julee Cruise airy, ethereal motif, or were just audibly interesting. Lissie brought straight-ahead rock to the Bang Bang Bar.

The performance was worthy of the show, and a star-making performance. (Update: The video is gone, but the audio still exists)

Yes, I put her Twin Peaks performance on top of this post, but let's be clear - there's a real music video for this song. Even that's interesting - she handed cameras to children and let them make it themselves.  Her appearance at the end, to take them for ice cream, is raw emotion in itself.

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