18 January 2018

18 January 2018 - Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way

If you think Stevie Nicks looks pissed when Lindsey Buckingham sings "Loving you isn't the right thing to do", it's with good reason.  She is the "you" being referenced here.

That look could melt ice.

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had been dating for years - famously, he only agreed to join Fleetwood Mac if he could bring his collaborator and girlfriend Stevie along.

Their relationship ending didn't break up the band.  It remarkably spawned a few great songs.  This very angry song about that was one of them.  And it hit the mark, squarely.  In her words to Rolling Stone:
 "I very, very much resented him telling the world that 'packing up, shacking up' with different men was all I wanted to do. He knew it wasn't true. It was just an angry thing that he said. Every time those words would come out onstage, I wanted to go over and kill him. He knew it, so he really pushed my buttons through that. It was like, 'I'll make you suffer for leaving me.' And I did. For years. " (source)
Well, what hurt Stevie Nicks made for an angry breakup song that was both critically and commercially praised, ascending to the Billboard Top 10 on March 12, 1977 - this writer's fifth birthday. Truthfully, this song reshaped music - it brought a new anger that stood out from the AM Gold of the 70's - which is why it endures.

Just putting it out there - it doesn't look like Stevie's gotten over that lyric. She's singing right along, though.

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