14 April 2017

14 April 2017 - Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked

This song popped up on a Spotify playlist of mine, and it had been a long, long time since I had heard it.

Some songs, you just love from first listen.  This was one of them for me.  I was 14, and had just discovered Lone Justice thanks to their 2nd album, Shelter, the title track of which was getting significant MTV airplay at the time.  I remember not all of my friends understanding my love of Lone Justice - which, to be fair, probably initially had a little bit to do with teenage hormonal reactions to Maria McKee - but I liked that twangy rock sound.

Well, after that, I was inspired to check out their first album, Lone Justice, which hooked me.  It is a little more country than rock-n-roll - a change for me at the time - but the cowpunk shines through hard.  This song is about the countriest of the country songs from the album, and yet it resonated with 14-year-old me who didn't know one little thing about love.

I later found out that the second album was a completely different band, except for Maria McKee, who disbanded the band soon after for an excellent solo career.  Occasionally, she'll go back to her Lone Justice roots and perform her early stuff.  Here she is doing just that.

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