21 April 2015

21 April 2015 - Charli XCX - Famous (& Sucker)

I have a problem.

I know this.

But c'mon.  This song is fun, and this might be the most bizarre, inventive and awesome video in the last few year.  And as much as I just wanted to let this one go, and stop it with the Charli XCX posts...
  1. She is one of the most original pop artists today.
  2. She's a reasonably prolific songwriter.
  3. Charli XCX posts are usually the most widely read ones on this blog.
So, yeah, I am a fan.  I won't deny that. But this is all about pandering.  And enjoying what is a truly great pop song.

Also, check at about 2:38, to hear the one song off the Sucker album - the title track - that can never be a single.

You know I always like to give you a bonus.  So how about a live version?   Here ya go!

And, here is "Sucker" live...... Completely different style... less pop... very angry... and she pulls it off.

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