23 June 2014

23 June 2014 - Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

A few years ago, Rolling Stone Magazine did a feature on women in rock music   They ran a contest on their site to determine who would be on the cover - it was a flip cover, but it was a cover.

Karmin won. And you know I was campaigning hard for them.

The artist they beat in the finals of this NCAA-type tournament?  Rita Ora.  Now, I had no idea who Rita Ora was, but I. Knew. I. Didn't. Like. Her!

After hearing her new single - already a huge hit overseas - I know I was wrong about her.  This song, written and produced by Calvin Harris, is a clear possibility to be declared Song of the Summer. Sure, she's prematurely comparing her song to Whitney Houston, but that doesn't mean this is not a solid tune.

(By the way, Rolling Stone did a nice article on Rita Ora, too.)

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