26 June 2013

26 June 2013 - The Innocence Mission - Bright As Yellow / I Haven't Seen This Day Before

Forget for a minute the irony that the video for this song has not a hint of yellow.

A beautiful song by a band that hasn't gotten nearly enough attention, this was a 1995 single release from their album Glow.  This is most likely their best known song - it was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Empire Records - but it was by no means their biggest hit.  Not that they had any big mainstream hits (which is criminal), but they were a modern rock radio darling for awhile.

Let's stop right here and talk about Karen Peris's voice.  She brings such a light, airy joy to anything she sings (and writes, as she is the songwriter for this tune).  Despite the light, airy joy of her voice, it's still really powerful.  That's a special skill, this light, airy power.

By the way, The Innocence Mission are still around.  Here's a more recent recording (of a song from their 1999 album Birds of My Neighborhood) featuring Karen along with her husband (and fellow band member and songwriter) Don Peris. Again, a shiny happy song by, as their Twitter profile clearly states, a "shiny, happy band from Lancaster, PA."

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