26 December 2012

26 December 2012 - Cher Lloyd - Want U Back

I didn't think the Christmas season would be so hard to fill with music. But, especially with guilty pleasures like this, it's easy to get back to it.

Cher Lloyd lost to One Direction on the X Factor, and thus far, she hasn't had the huge hits those five boys have.  She has had this - a bubbly, angry, hip-hop fusion.  She doesn't look as bad-ass as she really is.  This video was made for the US audience, and I hope you enjoy it.

While the US video is fun and bubbly and angry, the UK version of the video, where Cher is moving around in still pictures, is much cooler looking. Plus, there's a hip hop guest star that you've never heard of, to increase the street sensibility.... Nah, just kidding.  But enjoy!

UPDATE: I found a live acoustic version of the song that has a completely different feel.  No "Ugh!" or sounding like a helicopter, though.

UPDATE: (28 August 2013)  We found this epic version of the song, a live duet with the unmistakably tall Taylor Swift on 19 August, 2013, and had to share it.  Enjoy.

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