05 October 2012

5 October 2012 - MSTRKRFT (feat. N.O.R.E.) - Bounce / Death From Above 1979 - Going Steady & Romantic Rights / CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above

This is going to be kind of a backwards constructed post, but go with me here.

MSTRKRFT are a fantastic electronic group from Toronto, featuring a guy named Jesse Keeler and a producer named Al-P. They are best known for their remixes of other people's songs, but have released a few of their own.  I love this high-energy tune.  I can't help but... well, bounce every time I hear it.  I hope you enjoy this great party tune as much as I do.

Keeler and Al-P met when the latter was producing an album for Keeler's former group, Death From Above 1979.  The two groups could not seem more different - DFA 1979 had their roots firmly in the punk scene, whereas MSTRKRFT are more electronic - but you can see, in this live clip from 2005, there was a fair amount of electronic sonic experimentation - Jesse Keeler is on keyboards and guitar - even back then.

It was in DFA 1979 that Keeler learned about infringing on other people's names for things - a lawsuit was threatened by a band called Death From Above until these guys added 1979 (the birth year of Sebastian Grainger, the other half of the group) to their name.  MSTRKRFT is spelled without vowels to avoid a similar lawsuit by a Canadian toolmaking company.

I would know about neither of these bands if not for CSS.  I have professed my love for CSS in the past. Here is another great hit, a tribute to DFA 1979.  You see in the video two people wearing elephant masks. This is a reference to the cover of the DFA 1979 album "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine".... the album Al-P produced.  And now, we have come full circle.

This song is a great dance tune in its own right, and you should enjoy it as well. In fact, when I started writing this post, this was the song I was featuring.  Clearly, I changed my mind, but I wanted to make sure CSS still got their credit.

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