20 August 2012

20 August 2012 - Tracy Bonham - Sharks Can't Sleep

Let's be honest.  In the late 90's, there were a lot of female singer-songwriters.  Lots of them only had one hit.

This wasn't Tracy Bonham's hit.  That song was the darkly creative and sparse "Mother Mother".  This was the third single from the same album - equally sparse, more darkly creative, and showing a boatload of promise.  The song failed to chart in the United States, and so, for most artists, that would be the end of the story, and they'd move on to teaching music at a local community college...

It's not the way it went for Tracy.  She teaches young rock bands in Brooklyn - check out her web site at - and continues to tour (albeit not extensively) and record.   Promise fulfilled.


  1. "Kisses" and "One Hit Wonder" were the songs I liked best on this record, and I agree she shouldn't have been a one hit wonder.

  2. I love that she did a song called "One Hit Wonder" This was my favorite song on the record, so I was happy it was released as a single.