23 July 2012

23 July 2012 - P!nk - Trouble

Today, we would like to induct P!nk as our second Wicked Guilty Pleasure Hall of Fame honoree.  Her volume of output alone has made her worthy.  Her willingness to replace the I in her name with punctuation makes her more so.  The fact that she hasn't had pink hair in years but still hasn't reverted back to calling herself Alecia ices it for me.

We know Scott featured P!nk last week, and we're going to have P!nk for you all week.  We start with my favorite P!nk song and video.  It's the first time in my memory that she truly steered away from pop and into straight-ahead rock.  From a chart standpoint, it wasn't her biggest success, but from the standpoint of establishing her voice, it was spot on.  Also, it highlights the range of her husky voice, better than any other song.

Plus, it features P!nk riding a horse.  No horses were harmed in the making of this video.

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