30 April 2012

30 April 2012 - Brad Paisley - Ticks

Brad Paisley is such a clean-cut looking boy with a squeaky-clean image.  Who was probably best known as Kimberly Williams(-Paisley)'s husband - she was the bride in the "Father of the Bride" movies, and I think she was on some TV series some time ago.

Until this song came out.  A clever country song with rock-n-roll sensibilities, it is quietly naughty without being overtly so.  Critics were a little skeeved out by all the smarmy pickup lines included in the lyrics, but the song was a big enough hit to be performed at the 2008 Grammys.  It even cracked the Pop Top 40 chart!

I just wonder what his wife thinks of him wanting to pick up random women in bars with butterfly tattoos and check them for ticks.

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  1. I approve of this selection! Been listening to Brad a lot these days (I posted his song Online at YFF2K). Kim was on the TV show According to Jim...I know this, because it's on TBS in 5 minutes...the joys of working from home.